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Pebbles, living stones, Lithops

Living stones, Lithops or Pebble plants are special becouse they blend in with surrounding rocks to hide from predators.
They thrive in dry and desert regions of South Africa due to a very particular structure. They are able to stand extended periods of drought and extreme oscillation in temperatures (50°C during daytime and 0°C during night). Their distinctive characteristic is colour mimicry (changing colour in accordance with environment) that protects them from the animals. They are noticeable from the sandy soil only when flowering. Flowers open in the afternoon and close in twilight. They form airtight seed from the flower that protect the seeds from drying and animals for several months. It opens instantly in contact with water and ejects the seeds. Living stones differentiate according to colour cast and ornaments. We don’t water them during the winter. Their growing period starts in the spring when we should start with moderate watering. Excessive watering will make the plant rot. A month of drought at the end of summer prepares them for the flowering in the beginning of autumn