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Asparagus Fern

Latin name: Asparagus falcatus
Common name: Asparagus Fern
Plant group:
Green plants
Plant family:
Minimal temperature: 12-14°C (53-57°F)
Optimal temperature: 24-28°C (75-82°F)
Recommended place:
bright, am or pm sunlight
Plant form:
tree-like, arboraceous
Height: 100 cm (39 in.)
Repotting: every 12 months (1 year)
Rarity: no
Fern schield louse (Pinnapsis aspidistrae)
Pytium blight (Helminthosporium, Pythium, Fusarium)
Origin territory:
Southern Africa
Flowering period            
Availability on market            

Stunning, tender, herbaceous vine with huge twining stems that climb to 15 feet (4,5 m) with thorns and long linear cladophylls (leaves).

Small, tiny, waxy white/green fragrant flowers.

Best in some shade with moist soil.

Snaking stems twine their way up rope or wire and are bluntly pointed.

Perfect for a frost free position.