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Money plant, Golden Pothos, Devil's Ivy

Latin name: Epipremnum aureum (scindapsus)
Common name: Money plant, Golden Pothos, Devil's Ivy
Plant group:
Green plants
Plant family:
Minimal temperature: 14-16°C (57-60°F)
Optimal temperature: 22-26°C (71-78°F)
Recommended place:
bright, penumbral
bright, am or pm sunlight
Height: 100 cm (39 in.)
Repotting: every 24 months (2 years)
Rarity: no
Woolly schield louse (Pseudococcidae)
Pytium blight (Helminthosporium, Pythium, Fusarium)
Origin territory:
Eastern Asia
Southern Asia
Flowering period            
Availability on market            

It is a very easy plant to grow and as long as you follow certain instructions this pretty plant will grow quickly and provide your rooms with a colourful leaf display.

In some varieties the yellow or white variegation takes up more leaf area than the green background. The easiest one to grow is the species Scindapsus aureus. It can be treated as a trailer or climber, reaching six feet or more under good conditions. The glossy green leaves are splashed with yellow and the varieties of the basic species are even more colourful but are also more difficult to grow. Golden Queen is more yellow than green, and Marble Queen is near white. Tricolor leaves are a mixture of dark green, pale green, yellow and pale cream. They also produce aerial roots which will stick to most surfaces.


Water it regularly but less so in cold weather. The leaves need frequently mist. Leaf drop is a good indication of over watering. Scindapsus cannot survive in waterlogged soil.

Scindapsus prefers indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight.

Repot, if necessary in spring.

To fertilize new plant wait six months.

Propagate it from stem cuttings, from sections of main stems.

Scindapsus is extremely sensitive to a sudden drop in temperature below 50°F (10°C).