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Fat plants

Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems, and also in roots.
Homeland of succulents is Africa, India, and Ceylon with archipelagos etc. Succulents are exceptionally adapted to extreme living conditions and thrive in above listed dry regions. Much like cacti they do not demand a lot of water for their existence. The watering should be moderate%3B; once in a month during winter in the home environment and some more watering in spring. We can also move them outside to some bright and sunny space. Must of the succulents show the rich colouring of the leaves only on direct sunlight. Some sorts as Huernias, Stapelias, Caralumare known for their multicoloured flowers that resemble the appearance of some exotic tropical butterflies. They blossom only during dry season in their natural habitat, therefore it is necessary to reduce watering to stimulate flowering. Excessive watering stimulates them only to grow without making any blossoms. We quit watering in the autumn so that they spend the winter in dry soil at temperature 20°C. Succulents are very appreciated plants due to their beauty, rarity and moderate needs. They need to be transplanted from industrial peat substratum into permeable mixture of humus, argillaceous earth and flintstone sand.