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indoor plants, houseplants, house plants

Green plants attract us with their colorful leaves and uncommon shape of their stems and leafs.
Term indicates plants that attract us with their colourful leaves, uncommon shape of their stems and sometimes with their flowers, although flowers are short-lived and often dull in must of the leaved plants. Green plants need to reach certain age or size for first flowering. They are suitable for places beside north-oriented windows or for places away from the windows. Most of these plants originate in warmer regions. We have to supply green plants with enough light, room temperature, vessel of appropriate size, soil with enough nutrients and, most of all, with appropriate humidity. Humidity in continental climate is too low, which is easiest to be compensated by regular spraying. Every plant has a period of rest in its natural environment. We have to either place them in colder environment (when the plant can stand it) or reduce intensity of watering and fertilizing for the limited period of time.